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Our Philosophy

Consistently reveal tools and strategies for people to thrive and achieve in life, work, and relationships.


We are a top notch Training and Management Company that focuses on reconnecting organizations through enhanced communication, team building relationships, and overall Life Skills Management on an individual level. In today’s business and organizational structures, the need to understand, cooperate, and successfully co-exist are vital to the organization’s ability to create measurable and quantifiable results. It is this type of forward thinking that Absolute Good uses to educate its clients while simultaneously enabling them to create new experiences and outcomes.


At Absolute Good we have proudly developed the HABIT OF ACTIVE LISTENING to our clients. We listen to both the spoken and unspoken messages that equip us to ask exacting questions. Effectively listening assists us to get to the heart of the matter and once there, tailored programs and presentations are created to fit the uniqueness of our clients.

Meet Our Founder

Jo Lena Johnson

Trainer | Facilitator | Managing Partner

Jo Lena Johnson spent several successful years in marketing, media promotions, and entertainment before focusing her efforts in purpose-driven work as a Trainer and Life Coach when she created and began leading the “Life Skills Management Division” of Absolute Good. This has afforded her the opportunities to travel throughout North America and the United Kingdom, conducting corporate, leadership, professional development, and diversity trainings. Her extensive and intuitive skills as a coach have helped many achieve personal, professional and teams goals.


Providing training to nearly 100,000 adult learners and high school students contributes to her commitment to fulfilling her purpose-driven work. She has also served as a business development consultant for several corporations, churches, and community organizations throughout the country. Ms. Johnson prides herself on her decisiveness, organizational abilities, resourcefulness and energetic persona. While she wears many hats and no matter what her role – organizer, producer, trainer, or facilitator, she is a leader 100% of the time.